The song that will never die, aka “The Gotye Song”, aka, “Gillgan’s Island meets Sting”


I just have a few words to share tonight.  I am am finding a frightening new trend in music.  First of all, I love music, and all forms of it.  I have a very eclectic collection from Beethoven to Prodigy, Dead Kennedys to Britney Spears, Eminem to Yanni…it goes on. and on.  Point is, I like dubstep, classical, pop, dance, electronica, jazz, rockabilly, emo, Bollywood, goth, techno, classic rock and everything in between.  What I can not stand is repetition.  I get bored easy and have the condition ADOS (Attention Deficit..Ohhhh shiny).  The first time I heard this song my husband and I were going to the beach for Thanksgiving 2011 (I put the year as I have not idea how long this song is going to be in heavy rotation) and my husband was listening to the Alt station on Sirius.  I thought kinda of a catchy tune and we decided it was the result of crossing Sting with the theme song to Gilligans Island.  I heard it a few more times and enjoyed it.  Just before Christmas, I went out with an old friend and she had just discovered it.  “Hey have you heard that Gotye song?”  Yes, gave her my analogy and moved on.  Starting to get sick of the phrase “Have you heard that Gotye song?”   In my car I listen to the radio.  I do not have Sirius and that is by choice and my iphone connector is in a bad spot so it always comes unplugged so I gave up and just listen to the radio.  First it started rotation on the local alt station around March.  Ugh here we go.  The is popped up on the “party station”, then the “pop” station, then the “older pop station”.  And it has not stopped.  Yes people tell me, no really listen to it, there are different versions.  Sorry, can do it anymore, it has gotten to the point they were on Saturday Night Live and a month later I changed the radio 3 times and it was on 3 stations at the same time.  I know there are people out there that really like this song, I am not saying it’s a bad song, just can’t handle it anymore.

What brings this up is about 6 months ago I began grooving on Alex Clare’s “Too Close”.  Then I saw it in played in an apple commercial and tonight coming home from work, the Alt Station played for the first time I have heard it on the radio….Lets see if this becomes the new Gotye.



Arabic In 10 Minutes A Day or اللغة العربية في 10 دقيقة في اليوم

With all the crap going on in my life recently, I decided I can’t keep putting of what I want to do.  I have always wanted to learn Arabic.  So I picked up a book/DVD combo “Learn Arabic In 10 Minutes A Day”.  I have never understood my fascination with the Middle East.  Especially being a woman, and a fairly feisty one at that.  There is something utterly romantic to me about deserts, the Lawrence of Arabisque landscapes.

I was fortunate to be able to travel to Egypt a little over 10 years ago.  For some reason it did not seem very Middle Eastern to me.  Yes I know that Egypt is in Africa as well.  I think maybe just a bit touristy.  Which still is not that bad, yes they spoke Arabic but also English was widely spoken as well.  I wanted to see the nomadic Bedouins.

I have dabbled in languages a little bit, but they have always been the Romantic languages, Spanish, French and Italian.  I never came close to  mastering any but could get by if needed and could decipher fairly easily written words as they all are essentially continuations of Vulgar Latin.  I can follow.   So I thought, hum, Arabic, while I know is going to be incredibly tough, I didn’t realize how tough.  I knew a few words and phrases all ready but nothing of the written language.

As you know, first of all, Arabic is read right to left.  While that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it really starts to throw you.  I have to say tho it is very appealing to those of us that are left handed and have had the fun experience of dragging hand through wet ink.  The pronunciations are very foreign to the English speaking, with some descriptions on how to pronounce some sounds being compared to gargling, glottal stopping or my favorite for the English equivalent to H “strongly aspirated as if you were blowing out a candle from the back of your throat”.  I personally have never tried that before.

I have had this book now for about 5 days, making sure I spend my 10 minutes a day studying.  I have made it to page 6.  There are 136 pages in this book.  I think I will be doing this awhile.  Stay tuned.

مع ذلك أقول وداعا حتى آخر القادم

My beloved cat Jasmine, and my introduction to a new world of hurt


This was Jasmine my 14 year old companion through thick and thin.  I have been away for a long time from blogging due to her passing and subsequent injuries I sustained.  First of all, Jasmine was a very loving cat in her own way.  I had rescued her when she was 1yr old from the humane society.  I had just moved out on my own getting out of a very long term relationship.  I had never lived by myself before, always has boyfriend or room mates around.  So for my 26th birthday my mom decided I needed a cat.  We went to the humane society and walked by rows and rows of caged cuties until one stretched her paw out through the bars and swatted my face.  I turned and looked at her and instantly knew she was the one.  While filling out her paperwork, I noticed she had not only been returned once, but twice due to “behavior problems”.  She was on kitty death row and she got her lucky chance with me.

When I got her home to my apartment and put her in the living room I expected her to nervous or skiddish of the new environment.  Quite the opposite, she instantly ruled the area.  Also I should note that she was an indoor cat.  And a very smart and spoiled indoor cat.  She did get out once, and I was frantic.  Fortunately she was only gone during the day and I got a call from my neighbor who found her.  No, my cat did not run for the forest or the trees, she went to the Safeway up the street from me and sat outside the sliding doors when my neighbors daughter found her.  Only Jasmine. 🙂  Also, her favorite place to sleep was either on top of or in a plastic shopping bag.  For some reason, Fred Meyer bags were her favorite.


So we moved around a little, went through some very rough times.  I was back to dating and one thing I could trust is if my cat liked or disliked the guy I was dating.  I brought one guy over to my place once and my cat absolutely loved him.  That guy is my husband today.

Jasmine had been an only cat for sometime and at the end of her life she had 2 other “sisters” and a dog that she “tolerated”.


Unfortunately, our pets have shorter lifespans than we do and I had to accept that after 14 years my Jasmine was ready to move on.  It happened fairly suddenly, about a two week period.  She had lost a lot of weight and was very lethargic.  After multiple trips to the vet and a special diet she was still going downhill.  My husband and I had to make the inevitable decision to end her suffering.  So on the night of the 8th of May, we knew the following morning we were going to take her to our vet and do the humane thing.  So after much crying and cuddling of the cat, we decided to try and get her as comfortable as possible and put her on our bed to spend the night.  This is where you can learn a lesson as I have.  Cats are very good at hiding pain.  I didn’t realize how much my cat was hurting until I went to help her moved into a different position (she was not moving around very well) and she bit me,  Not a normal cat bite, but a dying cat in pain bite on the left hand and index finger.  I was unable to get her to stop.  I finally freed my hand and yelled for my husband.  I was bleeding pretty severley for a bit, I had blood all over the bed and down the hallway.  I was able to get it stopped and washed it with soap and water and put some Bactine on it.  It was incredibly painful but I figured she had just bit me real good.  The following morning I called the vet and explained what was going on and scheduled us to come in and see our vet.  The vet tech on the phone advised me that I should get to my doctor right away for the bite as, now I know, cat bites can be potentially very bad.  Like blood poisoning, septic, losing limbs kinda bad.  I called my doctor and got an appointment for me.  I got Jasmine to the vet, and we said our goodbyes.


The vet then said also I needed to get to the DR.  After that emotionally draining appointment, I was off to take care of myself.  By the time I had gotten to my DR my finger felt like it was on fire.  My dr took one look at it and told me I needed to get on antibiotics ASAP and get into a hand surgeon right away.  I had kept my hand bandage but looked at it my finger was swollen to the point the tip of my finger was getting no blood and the redness/infection that was setting in my spreading up my hand.  This had only been about 12 hours.  I got an appointment for first thing next morning to see a hand surgeon and got started on oral mega antibiotics.


This picture above does not show the bites that well.  The next day I saw the surgeon.  Immediately he said that I needed to go to Providence Portland hospital to get checked in for full on surgery of my hand.  I was in shock, I was expecting to probably hand my finger lanced in the office but surgery ?  Also overnight in the hospital ?? Wait a minute this is a cat bite.  This was May 10th, exactly 13 years since I had got my beloved Jasmine.  So I swung on home, grabbed my tooth brush and tooth paste and my husband drove me to the hospital, and was in surgery by 3p that afternoon.  What a way to spend your Birthday.


What I now know is that she had actually punctured me 9 times in the hand and index finger, through the flexor tendon.   Cat bites can develop infection quickly, 2 to 12 hours after the bite, even if you throughly wash the wound. Bites to the hand are potentially dangerous because there is less blood circulation in the hand due to the many bones, joints and tendons in the hand . Less blood circulation makes it harder for the body to fight infection in the hand. Infections that develop in the hand may lead to severe complications. If pasteurellosis develops in the tissues of the hand, the bacteria can infect tendons or even bones.

Unfortunately, I had a full blown case of Pasteurella multocida infection.  The surgeon had to put a tourniquet on my arm and open up my hand in two place to clean out the tendon and tendon sheath that was infected.  There was a chance of losing the finger if too badly infected, but was I pleased when I woke up and had the recovery nurse count all my fingers for me.  I had a nerve block on my hand and could not feel any of my fingers which scared me at first lol.  I spent 2 days in the hospital on IV antibiotic and they had to leave the incisions open so they could drain.  I was sent home with tons of painkillers,  you would not believe how excruciating the pain can be from just a finger that had cellulitis and tenosynovitis, and sodium chloride to soak my hand in to keep it draining.

My hand healed, I began to be able to use it again, slowly.  I am left handed and yes this all was on my left hand.  For my job I spend a great deal of time on the computer but with the amount of medications I was taking to control pain and lack of use of my left hand kept from work for 3 weeks.

I am now back at work, still healing, according to my doctor the swelling should be all the way down in about 4 more months.  I know feel like I have arthritis in my joint that she bite.

So, moral of the story, my beloved Jasmine was a sweet cat, great companion who left this life in a way that I will never be able to forget her.  Mentally, emotionally or now physically.  Also, cat bites are serious injuries.  If you every get bit, go to the dr, urgent care or even ER.  This infection got so bad to the point of  requiring surgery and hospitalization within 24 hours.

Still miss my kitty tho.


Chinese Fortune Cookies Fortunes May Have Some Value

I always thought that fortunes in cookies we just fed into sweet dough, baked and read aloud with “in bed” at the end for our giggles.  I was sorely wrong.  I am now convinced that there is some truth to fortune cookies.  Recently, when the lottery hit the record 640 million ( and no I did not win a cent) the only numbers that I did get were the ones on a ticket a played with the number on the back of a fortune.  The drawing was on a Friday night, and my husband and I usually have Chinese take out on Friday night as I don’t feel like cooking.  So I got home with the food, enjoyed our dinner, opened our cookies and read our fortunes, then realized we had numbers on the back of the fortune.  In a split second my husband and my eyes connected and the same thought went through our head.  So out the door I went running to the local felony flats mini mart on the corner to see if I still had time to play my fortune cookie fortune numbers.  I barely squeaked in, got my tickets, and headed home convinced in a few hours I would be a millionaire.  Nope.  Like I said tho, the only numbers I did match were the ones from the cookie.

Last night we had Chinese take out again.  After a rough day of rerunning electrical to our bathroom, it just sounded good.  Again, we finished up our dinner and had my cookie.  Side note, I also recently found out you are suppose to finish eating your cookie before reading your fortune.  So I finished up my cookie eagerly awaiting my good fortune.  “Wish Upon The First Star You See Tonight To Have Your Wish Come True.”  Hmmm, what the hell, for once there were no clouds in the sky here in Portland so around dusk I went to take out the trash and recycling.  I glance up and low and behold is a bright star, one of those big ones that the just pop as soon and the sun sets.  I made my wish that I need more money.  I know, not very original but have had some unexpected bills as of late.  Today, at work I get an email asking for volunteers to work some overtime this weekend.  Perfect timing I thought as we could use it, then I realized I had made my wish last night.  Hindsight being 20/20 I should really clarify next time I make a wish, like “I’d like some money that I don’t have to work for” or something along those lines.  But I know now !

The third piece of the puzzle comes just a little bit ago when I sat down to the computer to write this blog.  Of course, when I sit in front of the computer the first thing I do is check facebook.  Yes I am addicted.  Low and behold, a friend from work has posted the above picture.  Coincidence ?   I say not, I now think that somehow the Chinese have been holding out on us and have had a way to keep Confucius alive since 551 BC personally writing all the fortunes in the cookies.

Or maybe not.  But remember, Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok.


Blonde Moment Forces Action Plan For Summer of 2012

Well it is the makings of a beautiful, sunny day here in Portland Oregon.  The smell of freshly cut lawn permeates the air, the birds are  chirping and I had a flash of genus.  I have been really wanting to blog, as I have a passion for writing but part of what I have found is that I tend to focus on the negative, unfair side of life.  As you can see I have not posted too many times as most of what I have written is not suitable for public consumption or paints me as a psychopathic PMSing feminazi.  This is no more !  My superb blonde moment (I do not consider all blonde moments vapid thoughts, sometimes they surprise me with brilliance in their simplicity) is to revisit my list of 100 things to see in the Portland and surrounding areas.  So with some editing of those things I already did, here is my list for 2012, some places I have already been but would like to revisit.


2012 Blonde Moment Action Plan of Must See and Do In Portland Area

  1. Portland Japanese Gardens
  2. Alameda Brew House
  3. Kelly Butte
  4. Ramona Falls
  5. The Kennedy School
  6. OMSI
  7. Rimska Korsa Coffee House
  8. Oaks Park
  9. Multnomah Falls (actually get out of the car)
  10. Sauvie Island
  11. Portland Aerial Tram
  12. Laurelhurst Park
  13. Portland City Grill
  14. 1st Thursday
  15. Oregon Zoo
  16. Church of Elvis
  17. Willamette Jet Boat
  18. Kells
  19. Hoyt Arboretum
  20. Portland Saturday Market
  21. Fairy Falls
  22. VooDoo Donut
  23. Mt Saint Helens
  24. Tillamook Cheese Factory
  25. McLoughlin House
  26. The Grotto
  27. The Lucky Lab
  28. Bonneville Dam
  29. The Montage
  30. Mills End Park
  31. Widmer Brewery
  32. Living Room Theater
  33. The Baghdad
  34. The Alibi
  35. Darcelles XV
  36. The Bishop’s Close
  37. Helium Comedy Club
  38. Latourell Falls
  39. Ski Bowl Summer
  40. Timbers Game
  41. Bridal Veil Falls
  42. Portland Chinese Gardens
  43. Punchbowl Falls
  44. Oneonta Gorge
  45. Triple Falls
  46. Silver Creek Falls
  47. Smith Rock
  48. Bridal Veil Falls
  49. Dinner and Cat Creek Falls
  50. Butte Creek Falls
  51. Washout Creek Falls
  52. Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
  53. The Goonies House in Astoria
  54. The High Desert Museum
  55. Timberline Lodge
  56. French Creek Falls

Yes I know that there are many, many other things to do and see, but lets not be overly ambitious here.

Cheers and let the adventures begin !

Where is my restitution you inbred c$n! ?


I think I have gotten over being angry enough to finally post my thoughts about this subject.  Let me set the stage to explain the above picture and title of this blog, even tho most of you reading this are well versed by now of the event.  Also, by no means do I consider myself an innocent, as I have driven when I really should not have.  I do not do that anymore and also I never tried to KILL someone either.

My husband and I live in Portland, OR and have been looking at getting a new truck.  The truck my husband wanted was in Kirkland, Wa so, June 11th, 2011 we drove all the way up there in the Tundra we were trading in to get our new truck, a Ford 350 Lariat super duty. After a late morning/early afternoon of  back and forth on the price, the truck was finally bought.  We, at least financed.  We said our good byes to the faithful Tundra and got ready for the drive back down to Portland.  First of all we need at quick stop to get some grub before we got on the road.  We stopped at Wendy’s, scarfed down a hamburger and got back onto the freeway.  About 5 mins later, I catch something red coming over outside my passenger door and realize it’s another car.  And it hit us.  Hard.  After flipping down a few times we landed right side up.  My husband had the jaws of life used to get him out of the truck and I was cut out of the truck.  We were both taken by ambulance to the hospital.  We lived.  The car that hit us we found out was not insured, and the girl driving was drunk.  Go figure.


So once the dust settled, I felt a little comfort knowing that she was being charged with felony DUI, reckless driving, and vehicular assault.  I was wrong.  So very wrong.  Turns out she finally plead guilty to just DUI.  That’s it.  She blew a .159, was estimated going about 90 mph according to the police report when she hit us.  This was just as of 3/21/12.  She only gets her license suspended for 90days.  She is on probation for 60 months.  She was fined $5000.00 with 4650.00 suspended.  She does owe us restitution but who knows if we will ever see it.  You can not get blood from a stone.  or a c$n!.  So people of Washington state, be on the look out, she could be back on the road.

Are Chinese hamster ovary cells considered recreational drugs ?



A quick answer to the question is no, but a necessary drug for those of us that have the unpredictable disease of multiple sclerosis.  I was diagnosed with this disease about 4 years ago.  I take a medication call Rebif (the shorter of the two needles thank god) which is interferon beta-1a.  And where do they get the interferon ?? You got it, Chinese hamster ovary cells.  Not sure why good old American hamsters or even Canadian Hamster won’t do but hey I don’t quite know exactly what interferon is but all I know is that is has kept my disease from progressing.  There are a handful of medication out there for MS, 90 % have to be self injected, and it seems like the smaller the needle the more times a week you have to inject.  The first medication I was on was called Avonex, which is the larger of the two needs and was only once a week.  For those who have never had the pleasure of giving yourself an inter-muscular injection, the trick is not to tense up.  Ha.  That is practically impossible.  Upside is yes it is only once a week and you don’t get much of a site reaction.  Down side, the dreaded injection itself.  I have to be honest I have chickened out more that once.  I did that for about 1 1/2 year until I talked to my neurologist about Rebif, a subcutaneous injection, smaller needle but three times a week.  Upside, easier to inject, down side is site reaction.  The site reaction is actually fairly strange, it does not appear until about two days after the injection and is between the size of a quarter and half dollar, bright pink and burns and itches like a mother for about 4 days.  Downside to both the shots is they both make you sick, like having the flu for about 18 -24 hours after your injection, fever, chills, body aches and fatigue.  Isn’t so bad if you can lay around in bed all day but not fun when you also are trying to hold down a full time job.  I should not complain that much tho, I am very fortunate to be able to have the medication I do and that my insurance covers it, for example 1 month of Rebif is retail approx $4200.00 per month.  I bet you if we were to use American or Canadian hamster ovaries it maybe be a little cheaper.  I think those of us that have to take this medication stand up for our home bred hamsters and demand their ovaries.  Be American, Use American hamster ovaries.

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